Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'm a little excited...

...because I just indulged myself by buying the latest edition of the highly elusive bi-annual indie fashion-fest that is Lula. I've wanted to start collecting this for years but haven't been able to bring myself to fork out until now. I won't divulge the price in case my mum is reading but I am going to have to be pretty well behaved for the next week. Old issues go for crazy money on Ebay so it is totally worth investing in them as soon as they come out. How cute is Hannah Murray in that top picture!? I absolutely adored her as Cassie in Skins, her style sums up a such an expressive and off-beat generation.

Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop.

All things must begin somewhere, and here seems as good a place as any. My name's Kay, I live in a cold and old but very pretty Georgian flat in Ireland and this is my blog. I hope to use this corner of the blogosphere to share my adventures in sewing, thrifting, making, baking, growing, exploring and existing. Also, did I mention I have cats? Four to be exact. I am a crazy cat lady, so far only to be out crazed by my big sister. So expect a lot more on that topic :)

So you can get to know me better, here's some stuff that makes me feel all happy from day to day. Nothing grandiose or spectacular, just colourful (and often fluffy) little things in my world that I couldn't do without. Pictures are much nicer than words anyway.

My new bedroom..

and the worlds cutest sewing space...

Soul-cat kisses when I'm working...

Soul-cat (among others) enjoying the long grass after living in an apartment for the last two years..

My recent muffin making frenzy.

The greatest, sparkliest  pair of red shoes ever dreamt up.. which happen to be mine :)

 Taking pictures of flowers in my new garden (which I planted myself in one frenzied afternoon a month or so ago)..

Mollie Makes magazine:  if you also happen to this you secretly think things like macaroons, doilies and granny squares are utterly adorable, even though you wouldn't generally admit it to your friends then you really should buy this magazine.

Looking at pictures I forgot I had on Photobucket..

I'm not sure what I'll be posting about next, but this weekend is set to be a busy one (with two of my dresses appearing in my college fashion show tomorrow and a trip down to Wexford with friends on the cards for Saturday) so I should have plenty of pretty pictures and maybe a recipe to share soon! Until then..