Thursday, June 27, 2013


 Over at the Ruby Robin Boutique page I am hosting a very special collaborative giveaway for a pair of my 'Make a wish' dandelion seed earrings and a 'Feed your face' gift set full of amazing goodies from Cork based organic skincare company Bia Beauty! Don't miss your chance to win all these fabulous treats, the competition runs until next Sunday and you can enter here! Good luck :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sun, strawberries and kitty cats!

Today was spent out at our allotment, weeding, watering and picking strawberries in the sun and muggy heat. I don't know how we did it, but I have never seen such huge strawberries as the first few ripe ones we picked from our own plot today! Although we are quite behind with our garden this year, we have still been able to enjoy our own salad, kale, herbs, rhubarb and strawberries so far, and the broccoli and beetroot haven't long to go before they're ready too!

When we got home, we had the strawberries with whipped cream sweetened with the last few spoons of the mountain wildflower honey we brought home from our travels in Bosnia last summer, and gave the cats a little of the cream too as a treat. They then spent ages licking their lips and washing their faces like little bunnies after.

Then we went up to the garden and played with the cats in the grass for an hour or so. We're moving to a new house in a couple of weeks, and while we will have a small front garden and patio there, we want to make the most of our chance to play with them in the long grass.


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Because two wishes are better than one!


Hello peeps! Just a brief post to show you something new I made recently. Here are my 'Make a wish' earrings, made with hand blown glass orbs, stuffed full of delicate little wishes and accented with glorious gold toned brass and sparkly Czech glass bits! 

I have been dying to make these for ages, so I didn't waste a minute when my supplies arrived on getting started, and I had lots of fun taking the photos too as I got to play around with back-lighting which I LOVE! The beautiful jointed doll is actually a Japanese 1970s replica of a popular Victorian design, isn't she lovely!?

I am looking into making a silver version of these too, so if you would like a pair instead of the gold, please get in contact and I can make sure you get a pair from the batch I do!

They are now available to buy in my Etsy shop. 


 I also finished the latest addition to my Language of Flowers collection! This is my 'Never Forget' botanical specimen necklace, made with delicately woven little preserved  strands of real dried Forgetmenots encased in an elegant glass vial!

I've always had a thing for Forgetmenots, they have a strange charm all of their own, perhaps due to their symbolic meaning as a flower of remembrance, romantic tragedy, true love and fidelity.

If you are so inclined, this strange and beautiful piece is available to buy here.

Anyway, I hope you're all having lovely weekends where ever you are! It's blustery and grey here, so I'm going to spend today working and catching up on my cat cuddles!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

When you go down to the woods...



This Summer we made a pact to go on as many adventures as we could. So we went exploring in the woods and we found a big old broken house that nobody wanted anymore. They didn't even want all the things they had brought with them when they were going to live there. No one really knows what happened. The last of the family who built the house drowned herself in the lake at the bottom of the garden years ago. Maybe it was too sad a place to live in after all. Now all the books and things and memories are left alone to gather dust and damp, and the plants are slowly climbing their way in through the broken glass. I took some photos so we, at least, could remember them instead.