Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy campers

I know it's been more than a while and as much as I feel really guilty about it I have a multitude of good reasons! Apart from the general mayhem associated with trying to work two jobs at once (one as a sales-assistant and the other being my trying to get my handmade jewellery venture off the ground!) the other big reason for my absence from the web has been the addition of Bumble-Bee, a bright yellow '81 VW  camper van to the family! We've wanted one for years and years and FINALLY we found the van of our dreams. Needless to say I wasted no time whatsoever in getting her kitted out in super-retro 70s cushions and matching bunting :D

When I haven't been busting my butt in my spare hours working on my jewellery, we've been scooting up and down the Cork and Kerry mountains in the big yellow fun bus, including a weekend excursion to our first ever VW meet-up, which was unbelievably good fun!

Here are some snaps from a wee road trip we took with some old friends of ours a few weekends ago, we first went to Sherkin Island via the ferry, then to Baltimore for a night, then onto Glengarriff, Kenmare and through the Killarney National Park before heading back to the city. Even though we froze our butts off the first night (we don't have a heater in the van just yet) we did have more than our fair share of incredible sunsets over the weekend, as well as a night out around a glorious camp fire, beside the sea and under a harvest moon, not bad for the end of October! It was a really great way to finish off the camping year :)








Thanks to Paul, Benny and Podge for taking some of these amazing shots! We had a lot of fun taking turns with our Canon and it's so nice having pictures taken by so many different people to add to the collection.

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