Friday, June 1, 2012

Dresses, kittens, make-up and all that sort of thing..

Oh so pretty new things for summer for me... thank you Mod Cloth!  after giving half of my wardrobe away to charity with the last house move I have come to the sudden realisation (since the weather just got summery) I have virtually no summer dresses, clearly a bad state of affairs that needed speedy rectifying. I also got the prettiest pair of sandals.

I got a wonderful hair cut this morning and as I went a bit rockabilly with my fringe I thought I'd better sort out my sadly neglected mollies now they are exposed to the world. A big fringe can make you incredibly complacent in the eyebrow department! I'm a one trick pony when it comes to make-up, I have no clue about things likes bronzers and eye-shadows and all that fancy smancy stuff (I have all of six products in my make-up bag: a foundation, eye-liner, mascara, blusher, lippy 'n brow pencil) but after hours of gruelling practice with a liquid eye liner pen, I finally got the 1950's cat-eyed look down to a tee so I just wear it pretty much every day. Apart from not really knowing how to achieve other looks, and being a bit too lazy for eye shadows etc.. I figure I may only have another ten or fifteen years of wearing red lipstick, so I'm trying to make the most of it!

I love benefit stuff, I'm a sucker for a truly funky marketing strategy..

The Brows a-go-go kit is so cute, it's designed as a little compact with mirror, instruction kit, mini tweezers (these actually work brilliantly, brow 'zings' powder in two tones (one light and one dark, the only downside to the product being that the dark one is no use to me), a brow wax, hard angle and talent brush, highlight powder and *finally, phew!* an eye brightening creme for the corners of your eyes. This little parcel of girlie goodness is really great for any day you feel like stepping out that little bit more glamorous than usual, but to be honest most of us aren't going to go through a four-step programme to get super brows on a daily basis, but on a big night out like tonight, having amazingly manicured arches can make you feel pretty damn good!

I also finally cashed in my old mascara and got myself this bad boy and gosh it really does do what it says on the tin! You get great length and curl, although I have yet to see how long-wearing it is (will be testing this later), This is a fantastic improvement on the highly over rated disappointment that is bad gal but benefit you have finally redeemed yourselves in the mascara department and are forgiven for wasting my E25.00 last time.

All in all (and with damn good reason) I'm a very happy girl today! Oh and here's what I wore today. What wouldn't I do to have curls this luscious every day though :(

Poppy didn't want her picture taken today, how very out of character!

Dress: Thrifted
Tights: New look
Shoes: Marks and Spencers (yes very dorky I know)
Fox pendant: Accessorize
Rose belt: Accessorize


  1. I'm SO thrilled that you're blogging again! Lovely and stylish as ever! I adore the fringe on you, and I had a laugh when you said "A big fringe can make you incredibly complacent in the eyebrow department!" As a girl with a substantial fringe I totally get where you're coming from. Its only in the past year that I've become brow obsessed. I don't know what I was at not filling them in before now. I use the Urban Decay brow palette in gingernut that I got on sale for €3 in a local pharmacy a couple of years ago.

  2. Aw thanks hun, it's so good to be in the 21st century again after such a long break :) Wow 3 bucks that was a score!

  3. What a lovely dress, you are a very pretty girl! Oh and your kitty is super cute, she looks so fluffy and soft! :D

  4. Thanks for stopping by V, Poppy is amazing, the fluffiest cat I have ever met! we're very lucky to have her :)