Thursday, August 23, 2012

An exciting discovery: The Simple Things magazine

I couldn't believe my luck arriving back home to our soggy old capital, when I found my favourite magazine Mollie Makes on sale at Dublin bus station! I was so happy to have all it's glorious girlieness to pour over and to not have to resort to some crappy fashion mag full in anattempt to entertain myself for three hours. My luck was obviously in that day because when I looked inside what did I see but an ad for their brand spanking new publication 'The Simple Things'. A wonderful, whimsical mish-mash of everything from gardening, crafting, cooking and interior design, it kinda looks like Mollie Makes' more sophisticated big sister, not quite as shamelessly cutesy and spanning a much bigger range of interests and hobbies. Get your sneak pre-view here and don't forget to mark September 6th (the release date of issue one) on your calenders :)

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