Monday, September 24, 2012

What I wore and thrifty treasure

Blouse: Thrifted/Pennies
Wool skirt: Handmade
 Belt: Accessorize
Cardigan: Thrifted/A Wear
Shoes; Thrifted/New Look
Ring: Handmade

The last two Sundays we went to some fantastic carboot sales, Rathcormac and Castletownroche, where I found myself this very pretty six person coffee set (for *gasp* a measly twenty euros!)  and these two lovely shiny tacky ornaments for our ever expanding collection of kitsch. If you happen to live in Cork and love digging through piles of junk in search of unloved treasures as much as I do, then I can't recommend you check these two carboot sales enough. At Castletownroche there were even old ladies selling ham sandwiches and tea, such joy! Info about these two and many more around Cork and Ireland can be found at Collect Ireland.



  1. That skirt is just perfect! If I had one I'm sure it'd be a favorite of mine<3

    And those finds are great indeed!

  2. Such a cute outfit! I love your hair color

  3. loving the photography!

    1. Thanks Blau, we did seem to have a run of really good luck with our shots yesterday! wish they always turned out so nice :)

  4. must check them out next time I'm around Cork! always on a look out for good thrifty shopping places :) very cute outfit