Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My week in pictures..

I went on a lovely day out with a new friend. First we went to a nearby carboot sale, where I found some beautiful old plates, tins, yarn and spools of ribbons. Then we went for lunch and a walk in the park and talked about all sorts of exciting dreams and ideas we had.

I got some lovely sparkly supplies in the post, and one of my new tins from the car boot sale found it's new purpose..

 I lost no time in turning my new beads into lots of new beautiful earrings...

 I found some snowdrops by the side of the road and couldn't resist stealing a few...

I stayed up one night until 3am making some pretty new brooches..

I got an Ipad2 for my birthday, and immediately downloaded 'Gathered' the new digital publication by the makers of my favourite magazine, Mollie Makes

I decided to find the time to make myself a pair of these, and found a new girl crush too..

The sun came out, and so did my favourite flowers..

And the cats were happy to roll around on the hot gravel after a long winter..

We began preparations for our allotment, so far we have strawberries, rhubarb, blackberries, gooseberries and raspberries ready to plant out.

And that's about it so far!

Hope you're all having a good week wherever you are too!



  1. That looks amazing! So many pretty treasures<3

    And those gloves look lovely indeed. I look forward to seeing yours! Have you decided on a color yet?

  2. You have such beautiful cats! They look very happy and sassy. I love the lace handwarmers too, it looks like a nice fun project I could do quickly sometime.

    1. Aw thanks Grace, Poppy (the big fat fluffy one) is a particularly glamorous pud! not sure how quick the handwarmers would be for me, I've only mastered crocheted rectangles and squares so far ;)

  3. Love those plates and your cats are adorable! :) x