Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dreaming of a room..

I've been in bed staying warm, resting and trying to get over an on-going problem with my sinuses for a few days now. 

As a compulsive do-er and someone who find it's physically impossible to watch telly during the day, it's actually kind of nice to be forced into relaxing for more than a couple of hours. I've been topping up on cuddles with my four favourite furry amigos, falling in love with the wacky world of Arrested Development and crocheting everything from lacy hand-warmers to Peter pan collars and boot cuffs and of course, spending far too much time on Pinterest!

We've also decided to bite the bullet and redecorate our bedroom/my studio in the flat we rent. It's nigh on impossible to find affordable rented accommodation in Ireland that is tolerably livable for a couple, prettiness is very very rarely an option, especially on the income of a self-employed crafter who doesn't do house-shares anymore.

It's also very very hard to find the motivation to invest so much time and money into someone elses property when you're forking out so much rent as it is every week! But our flat really does have so much potential, it's kooky, cosy  and atmospheric. It has a pretty little communal garden, a river and railway line outside, and good neighbours living above, we love it and so I think now is as good a time as any to try and achieve something a little closer to my dream. Even if we decide to move again in a year, it will be as close to my perfect home as I can mange for now!

So I'm a bit obsessed with blue lately, particularly duck egg, powder and robins egg blues. Alas, as we are in the basement of an old Georgian building, and most of the furniture is dark old Mahogany, I don't think the space can handle much of a deviation from white, so we're going to repaint the walls with a fresh coat of egg-shell, and throw in blue accents around the window frames and shutters and with some carefully chosen colorful accessories to satisfy my magpies needs! Needless to say, I'm excited to get started, and even more so to see the finished result :)

Here are some ideas from Pinterest I've been soaking up!



  1. Hope your sinusitis improves (fellow sufferer, I know the agony). Love the settee photo best, and the vitage suitcases. How lovely.

    1. Thanks Anne-Marie :) I'm feeling much better, just hope it lasts once I get off the antibiotics this time!