Monday, May 20, 2013

The language of flowers..

Hello my lovelies! I have been so bad for not updating my blog, ironically it's still incredibly hard to find the time since I took the plunge to full time self-employment, despite not having a second job contending for my attention! But I think this will be a particularly lovely post, and should make up for my negligence :)

So lots of very exciting thing have been happening for me these days! I got the first draft of my logo design back from the amazingly talented and lovely Holly, of Hollytron Design and it was such much more beautiful than I imagined it would be! We haven't figured out all the details just yet, but when Holly has worked her magic I will be sure and share her work as soon as I get my hands on it!

One of my most exciting snippets of news lately has been that I have been incredibly honored to be  invited to trade at the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year festival in the Royal Dublin Society! And after having a bit of a psychological melt down about my market display suddenly seeming teribbly inadequate, my good friend and redhead in crime, Miss Molly Ellis of Ewe Sir  helped me figure out all sorts of amazing ideas  to re-vamp it! I don't want to give away too much, but all my props are vintage (and very, very Victorian), and I am incredibly excited to see them all! I promise I will take lots of pics when I have it all perfect and ready to unveil to the world :)

Those of you who follow my Facebook page have probably seen that I launched a brand new jewellery collection this week, called 'The Language of Flowers'. I was inspired to create this collection for so many reasons, the glorious blooms of wildflowers in all the hedgerows these days, the delicious warm herby smell in the air, and the general romantic, wistful notions that tend to preoccupy my mind at this time of year. I have been so happy creating these pieces, how many people can say they have to pick flowers for work? 

 Grannies bonnet and dandelions growing in my garden.
 I created the collection based on the Victorian art of Floriography, which was a hugely popular activity of the time! Flowers were used in an incredibly sophisticated method of coded communication between loved ones and admirers, cutting out the need to use any actual words whatsoever.

In particular this was done by creating little bouquets of flowers, called 'tussie mussies' in which every flower included carried it's own specific meaning and the bunch as a whole represented a complex message laden with coded meaning and emotion. 

Some of my favourite examples examples of this symbolism are Rose buds for young love, Babys breath for innocence and pureness of heart, Forget-me-nots for pure love and Snowdrops for hope. It was such a complex and subtle art, that even the way a lady held the bouquet in her hand would convey a secret meaning to her lover or admirer!

 Forget-me-nots symbolize remembrance and true love. Folklore tells that they got their name when a young knight who was walking in a woods with his lover, fell into a river. Though his love tried her best to save him, his armor proved too heavy for her and dragged him down into the water,  the knight had just enough time before his death to throw a bunch of little blue flowers he had pbeen carrying ashore while calling out to his dying words to his love 'Forget me not'.

Dandelions represent coquetry and flirting, and their little fluffy seeds are though to carry your most secret dreams and wishes to your loved one!


A tussie-mussie is a perfect excuse to go on a wild-flower picking expedition, not that I usually need one ;)

  I have been busy tea-staining lace and drying bunches of flowers to make the pendants!

Lavender symbolizes devotion and purity, as well as being a well known folk-remedy for anxiety and insomnia!

 Pink roses symbolize joyfulness, happiness, elegance and grace, as well as the expression of admiration. The buds symbolize young love.

Your very own Tussie-Mussie  safely preserved in a glass bottle, with pink roses for love and lavender for devotion. A beautiful bouquet that will last a lifetime.

In this collection I have tried to revive this elegant and whimsical art in my own little way. I have created each necklace to carry it's own special message and meaning according to the flowers I use. 

I enjoyed making these pendants so much, from going on flower picking expeditions in the woods to photographing the wild flowers in my garden. Being around nature, plants and flowers makes me so happy, and every minute has been a joy! So I hope you enjoy them as much as I do :)

All the pendants from my Language of Flowers range are available to buy from my Etsy shop and I will be adding more to the collection over the next couple of weeks.

Until next time, I hope you can find some time to go out in the sun and enjoy the gentle beauty of flowers too!



  1. I am a huge fan from your fb page, and I must say that you take amazingly good photos! I am jealous! If I may ask, what camera and lens are you using? Your photos are really impressive, like a pro!! x

    1. Thank you so much Cynthia, your kind words mean so much to me, you have no idea how stressful I have found learning how to take photos for the first six months! It's only the last month or so I have started to really enjoy it and feel relaxed about it! I use a Canon EOS 1100D and a cheap enough canon compact 50mm macro lens, and a healthy dose of Photoshop doesn't go astray either ;)

    2. I have my old Canon 1000D and the same lens as yours! And why I can't take photos as good as you? It's not fair! I have Photoshop too, if I may add! LOL. But seriously, your jewelries are so pretty and the photos are superb. It's difficult to explain, but everything is really charming and it always give a "feel-good" mood!

    3. Oh that's coincidence! Maybe it's just the wonderful Irish weather and light ;) Thank you, I'm glad they have that effect on you, that's what I'm aiming for!

  2. Really really cute and nice Khrystyna...
    How nice are your pictures and blog...congratulations...
    I try but I do not get it .. I run all day, beauty needs time..isn't it ?

    1. Thank you Margarita!
      yES, time and an awful lot of practice :) I've been taking photos almost every day for the last six months so I'm getting the hang of it now at last! But your photos look lovely to me!

  3. Charming, delightful, colorful and refined blog ♥

  4. the pendants are really awesome! i`m excited about how you will work with the forget-me-nots, because they are my favourite flowers :) in germany there is another legend about the forget-me-nots: when god made the flowers, he told his angels to paint them with die most beautiful colours and when they finished their work and closed the gates of heaven, a little ordinary flower cried "forget me not!". and god smiled and told his angels to dip their brushes into the blue of the sky and in the bright and golden light of the sun and paint the little flower with these coulours. and now the forget-me-not grows in the shady site of the garden but is really happy about it's heavenly colours :) hope you understand my bad bad english ^^ best wishes, melli

    1. Wow Melli, thank you so much for sharing that beautiful story! I'm so glad you did because I never came across it in my research! The Forget-me-nots are drying as we speak, and they are holding their colour really nicely, so I'm really excited about them too! They're one of my favourites too, there's something so magical and romantic about them isn't there!?

      P.s Your English is perfect :) x

  5. hehe thank you!! but i always think that i take the wrong words for what i want to describe :)) yes, these flowers have something really special and magical. and i think they can be so inspiring for many crafts and arts!

  6. well done on the invite. I'm intrigued to see photos of your new display! And I agree your photos are amazing. Pretty flower jewellery too! Good luck!