Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sun, strawberries and kitty cats!

Today was spent out at our allotment, weeding, watering and picking strawberries in the sun and muggy heat. I don't know how we did it, but I have never seen such huge strawberries as the first few ripe ones we picked from our own plot today! Although we are quite behind with our garden this year, we have still been able to enjoy our own salad, kale, herbs, rhubarb and strawberries so far, and the broccoli and beetroot haven't long to go before they're ready too!

When we got home, we had the strawberries with whipped cream sweetened with the last few spoons of the mountain wildflower honey we brought home from our travels in Bosnia last summer, and gave the cats a little of the cream too as a treat. They then spent ages licking their lips and washing their faces like little bunnies after.

Then we went up to the garden and played with the cats in the grass for an hour or so. We're moving to a new house in a couple of weeks, and while we will have a small front garden and patio there, we want to make the most of our chance to play with them in the long grass.


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