Thursday, August 1, 2013

Introducing Baby Bear

 The worlds most hard to photograph kitten! Baby Bear was found hiding under a skip in Bandon, West Cork a few days ago. A friend found him and got in contact to ask for advice, and we offered to take him in and to try to find him a forever home when he's big enough.

He is so tiny at six weeks old, and didn't even know how to feed himself for the first few days, so we had to care for him constantly at first, but he is learning so quickly! He also takes incredible pride in keeping himself spotlessly clean, which is really amazing for such a small baby :)

When we got him home we soon discovered he has a bad limp and very swollen paw, so he's on antibiotics and will probably be having an x-ray soon if the swelling doesn't go down. Although he was a stray, he quickly fell in love with me and P. and is incredibly loving and affectionate. He  cries if you dont hold him close enough to your face until you tuck him in under your chin when he can nuzzle, pod and purr himself to a happy sleep.

We're trying to stay strong and focus on not getting to attached, but it's pretty much impossible when you're nurturing such a small, vulnerable little creature day and night.
We are hoping to find him a forever home in the next month or so, depending on how his paw heals! If he faces a series of Xrays and possibly surgery, I think we will have to do some sort of fundraiser to generate the money, so please stay tuned to hear more!


  1. I love animals I have 2 dogs ... I hope everything goes well with him , they deserve it all...
    good luck and let us know Krystyna
    (Are you sure you need to find another home for him ?)

  2. aw the poor little mite. So cute too. Im glad you found him.