Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Etsy Love

Anyone who know's me know's I am a MASSIVE  Etsy Junkie. It is undoubtedly the prettiest (and hence best) place on the whole internet to shop. I've been buying nearly all my vintage, accessories, fabric and craft supplies there for about four years now. The best thing about Etsy is the amazing community of sellers and shoppers, it's so nice to feel a genuine human connection when you're buying things and it's kinda bizarre that it's so prominent on an online forum with literally thousands and thousands of members. I have had nothing but lovely experiences with all the sellers I have dealt with, and maybe one of the best features of Etsy is that if you ask nicely, usually (in my experience anyway) a seller will reserve an item that you have your heart set on until you have the spare cash to treat yourself. Oh and another thing, most everything I have ever bought on Etsy has arrived wrapped up like a lovely little present at my door, usually with some sweet little token freebie inside to boot. Just one more great reason to support the amazing small-business owners, craftsmen and artisans of the world. Anyway, even gushing from me... Here are some things I love on Etsy at the moment..

Gingham hair bow a la Mynoush

Very sweet little embroidered brooch by The Blue Rabbit House

Cos everyone needs a bit of kitsch in their home: Miniature ginger cat figurine by Random Voyeur Vintage

If I owned my own home, I would have one of these in every room! Decal by Streamline Design

Absolutely AMAZING polymer clay ring by DIVINE sweetness

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