Sunday, July 1, 2012

Recent Ramblings

We’ve been living in a glorious kitten filled haze for the last week and a half, nothing makes a cat fanatic as happy as having a naughty, frolicking kitten galloping around the place. After getting over the inevitable excitement that comes from rescuing an adorable helpless little ball of ginger fluff from the middle of a busy main road we’ve accepted that as much as we would love to have him, we have neither the time nor the lap space for another cat in our home and so he moved to his new home in the country and his new mum (my mum) today. Mum has a serious soft spot for stripy ginger cats and my parent’s home is a pretty idyllic safe haven for cats so it’s a happy ending for everyone concerned, even us though we’re more than a bit heartbroken by it all. Here are some of his cutest moments:

Falling asleep mid-assault in the cushions

After his bath, he managed to get inside our disused range and got covered in soot!

Trying to kill yet another house plant.

 In other news the weather still sucks here. I hear recently, that it's been the worst June in fifty years and I find that very easy to believe, everyday it’s grey out and what’s worse is it’s just warm enough to know that if the clouds just buggered off for a minute there would be a gloriously sunny day waiting behind! Everyday we hope for sunshine, but everyday is grey, I've given up on summer this year and am looking forward to a nice Autumn instead!

Inevitably I suppose, I’m getting pretty bored with my clothes, I’m mainly still wearing my Autumn and winter clothes (I can’t belive I’m still in tights everyday!), and have only gotten to wear my summer dresses a handful of times. The exception to the boredom  being the few things I get the time to make. Here's some stuff I've been wearing lately...

 I found this little bicycle ring when I was returning stuff from the fashion show to New Look not a shop I would usually bother with (along with pretty much the whole rest of the high street) but I do love this little cutie!

I made this dress using Burda 7494, after being inspired by this lovely ladies version with a half circle skirt, I decided to have a go myself and adapted the pattern to use the Linda Skirt from Burdastyle. Instead of using facings (as per the pattern) I decided to fully line the dress as my cotton was so light.

 Although I LOVE the circle skirt (I always do!), after wearing it once I’ve realized I’m not crazy about the fit of the bodice at all, the neckline at the centre back seam gapes quite a lot and there is a lot of excess fabric across the collar bone, although this may be an inevitable effect of the raglan-esque sleeves.

The princess panels on the bodice also need to be deepened a lot more for my shape, as it is it’s a bit formless around the waist and bust.  I’m going to have a go at re-fitting it, but it is a bit late in the process so I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to manage. I don’t know why I didn’t see it when I was trying it on for fitting ages ago!

This wrap dress (butterick 5030) which I finished yesterday turned out a lot better! The pattern was really straightforward to follow, with lots of info on the pattern pieces themselves (which Burda suck at!) and you could probably make this in a day if you got up early enough!

I used some beautiful soft, drapey vintage cotton I got on Etsy added a belt, wide-brimmed felt hat and the result is a super-chic 70’s style little number. My only qualm about the pattern is the neckline gapes quite a lot on the wrap panel, so you need to wear a little camisole underneath for modesties sake!

In my opinion an overlocker (I use an Elna ) is kinda necessary to finish the seams on this pattern if you any bit the perfectionist. All the seams of the dress are exposed, and although they recommend using a zig zag stitch to finish them off, that would (I know from experience) look really crappy and not wear very well over time. 

All in all though this is a very flattering and comfortable dress, I love the wrap around circle skirt, the giant lapels and the ¾ length sleeves are just the right length, very Farrah Fawcett indeed! I think I feel a seventies style dress-making extravaganza coming on… I’m not sure what I’m going to start next, I have some pretty wild patchwork print vintage cotton I’m dying to use but I have no idea what sort of dress it would look good as!

 Other stuff I’ve been making this week… a kinda kitsch photo garland for the sitting room, that’s my mate Dave looking super cool  (as always) in the first pic.

Face muffins, make ‘em of your nearest and dearest, the aim being to offend as much as possible, so much fun!

Decoupage brooch pins.. featuring cats.. of course

Sewing enthusiast’s felt brooches..

I’ve been trying to practise my photography lately too, I just bought myself a Mini Diana toy camera (for taking cool retro style shots) and I’m trying to get a grip of all the different  settings on our digital SLR before I start shooting my first roll of film (*exciting!*) I've ordered all sorts of very cool and very expensive film from so should be ready to start clicking some extremely retro shots in the next few weeks. 

After being inspired by Selina Lakes book; Homespun Style, I’ve also been out foraging in the charity shops for mix-matched kitschy floral china (after years of just collecting blue and white, which suddenly seems so boring to me!) and am stacking them haphazardly in random corners of the dining room/sitting room.

Work is a bit manic at the moment, what with preparing for the summer sale and the like, so I won't get a chance to do much for a few days, I did  however, get some pretty sweet cupcake making kit today though, so I’m dying to get a recipe post up soon, first chance I get promise xx.


  1. Hello:)
    Thanks so much for leaving such a wonderful comment along with a way to find your lovely blog(I'm subscribing too!). I'm so excited for you, Dianas are wonderful! They can take some getting used to, but analogue photography always seems more exciting and the cameras are just gorgeous! Can't wait to see your first roll of film:)

    That is one perfect kitten<3 I'm so glad to hear he could remain in your family!

    Anyway, very nice to meet you! Have a wonderful week! x Laura

  2. P.S. Your dresses are fantastic! Can't believe I forgot to mention that;)

    1. Thanks Laura, so glad you stopped over, your blog is my new favourite! We seem to have a lot in common :) I'm relieved I can still see Pumpkin from time to time, I'm gutted he's gone but it's so lovely to hear how happy he's making my mum and how happy she's making him too. Good times for everyone :)

  3. Naww! Thanks for the reference! <3